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Chromecast App for Kindle

Chromecast App for Kindle Fire : While Kindle Fire might not be the hottest gadget in the market, it has indeed some good offers that you might want to try out. The first thing is that the device that Amazon proudly developed is available at a very low price. Also, this thing will be good enough for light activities, such as reading eBooks or browsing the internet, which is the main point of Kindle products.

One other thing that you might want to try out with your Kindle Fire device is streaming contents, such as videos, images or sound files, directly to your TV system. Well, the correct term would be casting it from the device to TV. You can do this simply with the help of Chromecast App for Kindle Fire. Here’s how.


Kindle Fire is developed by Amazon, who actually using a customized version of Android. This makes the appearance of the operating system inside the device looks very different than the usual Android. But the thing is that Fire OS, the name of the operating system, can also run most Android app just as well.

To be able to enjoy casting the media from your device, you need to install 4 requirement programs for it to work. The first one is the Chromecast App for Android. This is actually the official app that Chromecast team has released to support the usage of casting with mobile devices. You will not be able to directly install this because Kindle Fire has no Google Play system installed on default. So, you can try to install it from third party installers. There are many out there that you can use.

Meanwhile, the other three will be a little bit more technical. You will need all of the Google Play apps for the activity to run. They are Google Play Service app, Play Store app and also the Goode Services Framework app. Same as the one above, you can only install the program by downloading the APKs to your Fire, preferably by using your PC to download it and then transfer it to your device.

Next, you can start by installing the APK one by one. Start by transferring the APKs to your phone and store it somewhere easy to access. Install the Google Play Service App first on your device. Then, you can move on to the Chromecast App for Android. Be informed that your Chromecast app will still not be able to function correctly with this because it will still need the other two.

Then, you can open the APK of Google Framework App and wait for it to install completely. Lastly, installing the Google Play Store App will make you able to connect your device with your TV.

To use the Chromecast App for Kindle Fire, you can simply open the app and search for the activated Chromecast dongle that is also connected to your Wi-Fi connection. After being connected, you can now go to various app on your phone that also supported media casting. This includes Youtube App for Kindle Fire, which will let you watch HD videos on your TV screen.

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